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Helemano Village, a division of Opportunities for the Retarded, Inc. (ORI), is a residential community for adults (18 years or older) with developmental disabilities. These comfortable, attractive homes are situated in a rural setting on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. The Village consists of 9 homes with each home accommodating up to five individuals with disabilities.

The Homes at Helemano Village offer a warm and caring, family-like atmosphere in a scenic, residential community setting. Although a coed facility, our homes are divided by gender and are licensed by the State. Dedicated and trained caregivers provide residents support, assistance and companionship. Caregivers are assisted and supervised by an experienced case management team of qualified professionals who are available and on-call 24 hours a day. Support services and transportation are provided to meet the residents medical and recreational needs.

The Village provides a warm, caring atmosphere, which supports the family, but by no means does it replace them. It is intended to provide a long-term solution to the problem of quality, stable living environment for the handicapped.

Occupancy is limited to five residents per home (each individual has a spacious bedroom). Each home has a live-in counselor to provide the daily supervision and caring support each resident requires. All homes have spacious individual rooms with 2 residents sharing a bath, a comfortable living room, kitchen, and full laundry. Each cluster of 3 homes shares a recreation room. The recreation rooms are equipped with color televisions and assorted recreational equipment and games (billiards, ping pong, etc.). It is an area where residents can socialize, play games, watch television, or just relax while in the company of their peers. A basketball / volleyball court and ample space for other recreational/leisureactivities is provided.

Layout of the homes, while in line with traditional homes in the community, also includes handicapped baths and emergency alarms, and rooms which are easily accessible by both residents and counselors in case of emergencies and for better supervision. Special attention has been given to the unique needs of the residents.

- Helemano Village works in conjunction with Helemano Plantation and Opportunities for the Retarded, Inc. to provide well-rounded training programs, including day activity, pre-vocational, and supported employment training.
- Training in the home focuses on functional living and personal self-sufficiency skills, social development, leisure and recreational skills development, and interaction with the community.
- Meals are carefully planned and are designed to satisfy the various cultural backgrounds of our residents. Meal planning stresses nutritional values.
- Weekly recreational activities are available which include field trips to cultural events/exhibits, dances, movies, game-nights, birthday/holiday parties, etc.
- Residents are encouraged to spend some time with their family and home visits/leaves may be arranged with the resident manager.

The Village emphasizes pride and dignity in each person, and encourages self-confidence and independence. Staff members and counselors are highly qualified with professional degrees in related fields and have completed the required state certifications. All counselors receive monthly in-service training and briefings, as well as the opportunity to discuss any problems or achievements with input from professionals in the field. In addition to providing training in the home, counselors are also required to provide a warm and loving, supportive family atmosphere to enhance growth and development.

Helemano Village is a self-supporting residential program, which does not receive funding from any other agency. Monthly room and board fees begin at $1,200.00 per month, but may vary according to the individual's level of care and are subject to change. Generally, the resident's Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security payment plus a small amount of supplement are sufficient to support the resident. Additional costs include the residents' personal spending and incidentals, furniture as well as other needs above and beyond the room and board costs.

Applicants for residential services are required to complete a comprehensive application form and meet specific criteria for admission as follows:

The applicant must:
(1) Be an adult (18 years or older)
(2) Have a primary diagnosis of developmental disabilities/mental retardation
(3) Complete a physical examination
(4) Not have any history of violent or self-abusive behavior
(5) Have basic self-help and toileting skills
(6) Show evidence of ability to meet monthly payments
(7) Show evidence of support in case of emergencies
(8) Attend a day training program or be employed
(9) Complete a personal interview

An Admission Review Committee consisting of an interdisciplinary team of professionals, staff members and/or Board members review the application. A sample of the resident's daily schedule is shown below:

7:00am Breakfast
8:00am-3:30pm Report to work or day program
3:30pm-5:00pm Return home, personal chores and cleanup, leisure activities (ball games, etc.)
5:00pm Set tables/prepare for dinner
5:15pm Dinner
6:00pm-7:00pm Exercise/Recreation period
7:00pm-9:00pm Leisure activity (recreational activities every Wednesday night)

Fun Nights
Wednesday nights are designated as "fun nights" for planned recreational activities such as movies, games, dances, and field trips to special events. Recreation and leisure consists of "fun night" on Wednesdays, and supervised weekend group activities.

Weekend Recreation
There is also a recreational program for those who remain at the Village during the weekend. Activities include outings to parks, community events, museums and other community resources, social events as well as a variety of enjoyable leisure and sports activities.

Respite Services
The respite service is a boarding program intended to provide temporary or emergency relief to families who have a need to have their son/daughter taken care of in a residential setting while they are out of town, taking care of personal emergencies, or on a short vacation. Boarding from a few days to a month may be arranged with the Residential Program administrator.Potential candidates for respite must attend some type of day program. If none is available, then a fee will be charged for participation in ORI's training program.

The cost will vary according to individual need and the length of respite, but generally includes fees for:
- Residential Care (Room and Board)
- Day program (if applicable)
- Recreation
- Transportation (if applicable)


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